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Reunie Weekend 2017

The school’s birthday every year is also an opportunity for old greys to get together for the respective class reunions. These reunions are always characterised by young and old celebrating the fact that they have the privilege to meet again on the school grounds where these lifelong friendships were established before.

Old greys will normally have their second reunion five years after the left matric. The first reunion is obviously the day when you walk underneath the bell. The five year reunion is normally a small get together but it proved to be quite big the past few years. The ten year reunion is regarded by all Old Greys as the first real big Reunion and most class groups seem to do whatever it takes to attend this wonderful occasion.

The founders weekend normally starts with the past versus present sporting activities which includes amongst other sporting codes, cricket, golf and water polo where teams of old greys are competing against the Grey boys. The golf day is also a good way to start the weekend and normally both Schoemanspark and Bloemfontein golf clubs are booked for this event.

The annual Reunie dinner takes place on the Friday night and can be seen as the highlight of the weekend as all year groups are gathered at one place for an evening of fun and comrade which is something to be experienced at least once in a lifetime as an old grey.

The different class groups normally gather each for a braai or lunch on the grey campus on the Saturday morning/afternoon to conclude a weekend of a lifetime with members of the grey family. Old Greys are truly a special group of people and it is often realised after the founders weekend that we are truly blessed to be associated with such a wonderful institution like Grey College and it is never a case of maybe next time but rather when is the next reunion?

STIGTERSNAWEEK / FOUNDERS DAY 12 - 15 Oktober / October 2017


  • Donderdag  12 Okt       7h00 – 13h00             Reünie Gholfdag /  Golfday
  • Friday        13 Oct            08h00                   Special Assembly  for Old Greys
  • Vrydag       13 Okt           09h00                    Past vs Present wedstryde     
  • Friday        13 Oct            18h00                   Reunie dinner
  • Saterdag    14 Oct            10h00                   Individuele klas funksies



  • REüNIE GHOLFDAG / REUNIE GOLFDAY           R300 pp   -   R1200 per vierbal

    Kontak asb die Reüniekantoor vir besprekings en nie die gholfbane nie  

    Please contact the Reunie Office for bookings and not the golf courses:   

    Gholfkarretjies moet asb by die baan bespreek word.


  • REüNIE DINEE / DINNER  - SLEGS VIR Oud Greys / ONLY FOR Old Greys:      R330.00

    R650   Gewone lede / Members

    R150   Pensionarisse (1969 matrieks en vroeër / Pensioners (1969 matrics and earlier)


LW:                     Die betaling van ledegeld is ‘n voorvereiste vir bywoning van die dinee   

PLEASE NOTE:   The payment of membership fees is a pre-requisite for attending the dinner 



Alle betalings moet asb saam met  besprekings gedoen word /     All payments must please be done with your bookings

Verwysing / Reference: 

Naam en Van, Matriekjaar -Dinee of Gholf of Ledegeld  /  Name &Surname, Matric year, - Dinner or Golf or Membership fee




Grey Kollege Reünie

Absa tjek rek / Cheque account  4059894626 

Tak / Branch:  Brandwag 632005


FNB Tjek / Cheque   51711207477

Tak /Branch:   Brandwag 230534



Betalings kan ook aanlyn gedoen word / Online payments @

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